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Why are people angry?

This was a perfect ending.

Thank you.

I agree with Draakjacht.

This is really not suitable for a Flash Portal according to me. And it really wasn't a really funny movie anyways.
Why would the fact that Newgrounds has an ART PORTAL, made for uploading art, change the fact that you uploaded an encoded video to the FLASH PORTAL, made for uploading flash? That has nothing to do with anything.
I like you Funy-Mony. You make awesome flash movies. But I still think this video-encoding, fake flash thing thats going around is a bad turn for Newgrounds. If I wanted to see medium quality, medium humorous VIDEOS, I'd be on YouTube right now.
Please don't encourage this :(

funymony responds:

I understand where you're coming from.
I don't support uploading video through flash encoding.
I hate the quality. Sorry if I didn't encode it right.

But I do support experimental animation.
This thing had stop motion, frameless animation, a speck of cut out animation, and flash. Not all animation is cartoon.

This stuff isn't a bad turn for newgrounds.
It's what got me animating in the first place.
Check out AlanTheBox, Knox, and Dustball. They know how to do it right.
I think this stuff is alright for the portal as long as it's not a straight up vlog.
I'll be there to BLAM when that happens.

Also, I used the Art Portal as an example of how Newgrounds is branching out into a lot of different mediums. It has it's fingers in a lot of pies.
Games, Animation, Art, Writing (User Blogs), and even film. (youtube embed)
I'm just trying to say that Newgrounds isn't just for flash animations.

Anyway, thanks for your review. Hopefully the next video encoded animation you'll enjoy. But it's traditional FBF. So I guess I should just post it on youtube because if it's encoded through flash, it's not worth watching it on here.


It's in sync :)

The sound is in sync and the movie looks like it's a start to something funny xD.
Complete this, I wanna see what happens to Jimmy.
But don't complete it just because I said so.
Not that my opinion really matters to you.
I mean, I want you to complete this because it looks awesome.
But I bet it would look even more awesome in complete stage.
Not that it's not just a little awesome right now, it's totally sweet.
But it could be better. That's all I'm saying.
I'm not saying you're bad. Because you're not.
Just complete it and I'll be happy.
Not that I'm not happy right now..
I think what I'm trying to say is: I liked it, it was awesome, I want to watch the rest!

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Not enough.

This doesn't deserve front page. I admit it had a professional look to it, but the gameplay was really boring.
This is just my opinion.

Kenney responds:

Deserve frontpage? Tom Fulp selects all sumbissions that belong on the frontpage, so if he likes this game he's going to put it on the frontpage. It's an opinion matter, not a deserving one.

It was original.

I couldn't move my own tank.. I just kept moving the enemy tank.

flame862 responds:

uh...i've never had that happen to me or any of my friends testing it...

you wEre playing single player and you didn't change any of the keys in the option menu, right?

But i still think it should work as long as you're in single player...


It's just pong.

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This is crazy! But awesome crazy!

Wow man...

I must say.. You're really good at this.


This was sweet. Just how I like it.

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